5 Minutes on… Getting Organized!

Today’s talk is with Diane Thomson, owner of Creative Organizing, and the guru of clearing out clutter.  She has been working with me and Alan for a few months now, not just transforming our clutter into organization, but giving us systems to use and sage advice along the way.

In this short audio, Diane tells us how our stuff, our time, and our tasks are all connected, and how having more stuff requires more energy.  Listen after the break (and see an embarrassing photo of the “before” as she dealt with all of our shoes!). Continue reading

5 Minutes…on Creative Partnerships

CREATIVE PARTNERSHIPS — A Conversation with Joel Fotinos & August Gold

August Gold and I have been Prayer Partners, Master Mind Partners, and Creative Partners for over a dozen years.  Our partnership has birthed several successful books, a spiritual community, and countless other creative projects.  We frequently get asked about our partnership, and what makes it successful.  Recently, I sat down with August and we had a short conversation about why our partnership works, and how others can find a creative partner as well.

Listen after the break… Continue reading