Success Habit #1

More.  We all want something more in our lives.  It’s common to want more money, or more health, or more love, or more success. But often we have the belief that we will be better off only after we get more of whatever it is we want — in other words, once we get what we want, we’ll be happier and feel more successful.

Life doesn’t work that way. In fact, it seems to work the exact opposite. The formula for life is this:

Energy follows action.

We take positive action first, and then what we want will follow. We can wish and hope and dream all we want, but without movement on our part, Life doesn’t have much to work with. When we take steps, even small ones, then Life can takes steps as well.

Success Habit: Write down what you want more of in a journal. Be clear, and let it come from your heart, what you truly desire. Then, turn the page and at the top of that new page write this questions:

Who do I have to be for this to come true?

When we want more in our lives, we usually have to first become the more in our lives. If we desire more money, then perhaps for that to come true, you might first need to become a better steward of the money you already have. To have more love in your life, you might first need to be a person who gives more love, or learns more about what healthy love looks like.  Once you have answered that question, think of one or two (or three) action steps you can take, that will move you toward your goal.  And then don’t delay — start immediately!

Take positive action today, and then watch how Life moves!

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