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I’ll be at the wonderful Center for Spiritual Living Seattle this Sunday — January 15th — speaking at both services and doing a workshop after.  The Sunday service title is called “Beyond Status Quo” and the workshop is LEAP2012: Taking A Radical Leap Into Your Good.  It’s time to move out of financial fear and into financial freedom at last

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2 thoughts on “See You In Seattle

  1. Dear Joel,

    First, a hearty thank you from the ‘woman who rescheduled her colonoscopy for your workshop!’ You are an absolute delight. While my husband and I attended your workshop last year, we find that each time you are here, what you provide is fresh, uplifting, and useful. What a shining example are you of that spiritual asset called authenticity. Bravo.

    I mentioned to you that I gave myself a great big fat kick in the backside after last year’s workshop regarding a dream of mine. You see, my grand baby, Talia Marie, born on 1/1/10, reminded me that I have an obligation and passion that needed expression. For some reason, I am increasingly drawn to the children of our world of all ages, and the need to offer what we have learned over the years from New Thought ministries to transform Soul Consciousness.

    Bottom line, I have just completed another book on this subject, entitled The Love Project: Coming Home. The University Press completes its run this week. I have held this ‘new baby’ in the heart of my prayers, trusting that the right publisher would make itself known in good time. In short, I have been practicing the 5th step in treatment.

    Enter, stage left: Joel Fotinos. So that you might take a peek at moi, before you agree to have me send the work electronically, (I do think you will love it), here’s my Web: I have been a featured contributor for the Huffington Post for the past four years in the Healthy Living Section: a great spot in which to infiltrate news with the Good!

    Let me know your wish.

    Meanwhile, I wish you and that Raffi (sp?) of yours every joy. I am a firm believer that the soul of the baby chooses its parents. As an adoptive mom of a daughter, myself, as well as a bereaved mother for my son, I am clear that we who have children in our care are amongst the most blessed.

    Love and Light your way,
    Cara Barker

    • Hi Cara,

      Thanks for the kind note, and hope you are all doing well in the snow storm! 🙂

      Bravo! on your book projects — and I enjoyed looking at your website. You are definitely on the right track. I’m not the person at the company that receives projects, and Tarcher/Penguin only accepts agents manuscripts, but here is something that can be helpful. I wrote an article about how to find agents and increase your platform (both vitally important) on this site — go to, and the information that is there will give you next-steps to take.

      Thanks again, and I know your work is going to continue to do great things in this world!

      Best — Joel

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