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Spirituality and books have both been my main interests for as long as I remember.  When I was a child and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I usually replied, “A minister and a book-maker.”  After wrestling with these seemingly different worlds – publishing and ministry – for many years, I one day had a revelation: both publishing and ministry were two aspects of the same thing – The Word.  This freed me to joyously move forward in both areas separately, and yet within I knew they weren’t separate at all, they were two aspects of my passion for the Divine.

These days, in addition to my “day job” as a publisher of transformative body-mind-spirit books, I write books of my own and travel around the country speaking at organizations and spiritual centers about topics usually related to the spiritual path to inner success.  Follow my Twitter @joelfotinos.  If you are interested in having me speak at your organization, click HERE.

These books were written in collaboration with my creative partner, August Gold (  We have more projects coming soon, so stay tuned.  All of the books below are available through this website, or your favorite book retailer (including in e-book editions).

The Prayer Chest: A Tale about the Power of Faith, Community, and Love

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The Prayer ChestSince the beginning of time men and women everywhere have prayed — millions of prayers daily. Why, then, are only a handful answered? What roles do luck, chance, and fate play in our lives? How can we discover and live our destiny? Rich in romance, mystery, and spiritual insight, this wise and warm parable will revolutionize everything you’ve ever thought about prayer.

Joseph Hutchinson’s life has been filled with misfortune and adversity. A widowed father of two living on a farm that is about to be taken from him, Joseph embarks on a mission to save his children and himself. This quest brings him face-to-face with his greatest fears and ultimately leads him to his greatest discovery — a mysterious wooden box that has been hidden in his attic for more than one hundred years. This box, the Prayer Chest, contains secrets that will change Joseph’s — and your — life. This inspirational story speaks to everyone who has ever struggled and despaired, everyone who has prayed without receiving an obvious answer, and everyone who wonders about the true meaning and ultimate destiny of their life — in short, everyone.

A Little Daily Wisdom & Spiritual Vitamins:
365 Positive Bible Verses to Change Your Life

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Spiritual Vitamins

Memorizing Bible verses is like taking spiritual vitamins. Vitamins are supplements we take in order to improve our health and well-being. We don’t usually see results on the first day we take them, and their positive effect may be subtle, occuring over a period of time. Likewise, memorizing Bible verses–like good vitamins–stays in our system, providing nutrients and help as we need it. And then, no matter what happens in our lives these verses will provide comfort, strength, and joy.

Prayer Partners: How Praying with Someone Can Multiply Your Blessings

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Prayer Partners“Wherever two or more are gathered…”

Master a uniquely powerful spiritual practice that maximizes your prayers! Prayer Partners helps you to do what the greatest spiritual masters throughout history have urged us to do: pray with one another. In these pages, Gold and Fotinos show how to strengthen your faith, and open up your heart and mind to be more receptive to God’s answers to your prayers.

Both practical and inspiring, Prayer Partners explains how the authors developed the practice, how it works, and how anyone can benefit from finding a spiritual peer. The first part of the book lays out the basics of Prayer Partnering, from finding a compatible partner, to arranging logistics, to keeping each other motivated and excited about your journey together. Personal stories illustrate how people from all walks of life and all faiths have made Prayer Partnering a part of their spiritual life and attained profound and sometimes surprising results.

Also included is the 90-day Prayer Partner Experience, an interactive workbook and guide designed to help you begin the Prayer Partner process. Daily meditations, devotions, and weekly exercises help you make the most of every day, every meeting, and every prayer. You’ll find space to record your thoughts, plans, and goals and guided writing exercises to bring heightened awareness to your daily life.

Those who practice Prayer Partnering are often amazed at how effective it is. Joining with a partner in the 90-day program can have dramatic results, multiplying the blessings you receive. With this hands-on guidebook, you can build your faith, go deeper within yourself, and bear witness to the amazing power of prayer.

Prayer Partners was recently republished in paperback as MULTIPLY YOUR BLESSINGS, with a gorgeous new cover (click on cover to order):

Multiply Your Blessings