Just Because You Are Good At Something Doesn’t Mean You Should Do It

Are you living your passion?

Traveling around the country, talking to people about their passion and purpose, I often hear people say about their job, “well, I don’t love to do it, but I’m good at it, so maybe I should just keep doing it.”

That might sound reasonable, but in reality it’s a way that we use to stay comfortable, to avoid risk, to not take any chances.  But what if the reverse was also true?  What if just because you are good at something, it doesn’t mean you should do it?  And more importantly, to borrow a line from my brilliant friend Tama Kieves, what if you realized that since you are good at something you don’t love, you might just very well be great at something you do love?

And even more…

  • What if you could take the talent you have, add your love and passion to it, and bring it whole-heartedly to something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?
  • What if you could be supported financially, emotionally, and in every other way by a career that fits you like a glove?
  • What if you decided to take one small risk a day toward your big goal that fits perfectly with your passion and purpose?
  • What if you chose to make your dream a priority, and you lived your life as if doing-what-you-love matters?
  • What if you loved your job so much it didn’t feel like a job?

How great would that feel?

So now, one more question: what one thing could you do today — right now — to help move you closer to living your dream?

(Now, go do that one thing…)

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