Strategies for Living

How do we keep moving forward, especially when life seems hard?
How can we create positive momentum?

If you need some quick inspiration, listen to this interview I did on the Strategies for Living radio show, with the terrific host David McMillan.

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Living a Creative Life Now

Author2AuthorWhat does it take to live a more creative life? 

How do we move from where we are to where we want to be? 

And how can we begin to experience more “life” in our every day experience? 

Radio host Bill Kenower and I discussed these very things recently in his show Author2Author, and it was truly an enjoyable and inspirational conversation!  If you are ready to write that book, or start that new business, or go for your dream, then this interview will help to motivate you.

Listen to Author2Author interview HERE

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Are you ready to publish your book?

NYCPCCFW logoThe New York City Publishing & Creativity Conference for Writers is coming April 11-12, 2014 — a great way to meet publishing professionals, get inspired, find ways to get published, learn how to build your author platform, and see great speakers like Julia Cameron and Tama Kieves.  (I’ll be there, too!).  Check it out HERE



More Ideas on Getting Published

Like many authors or people who work in publishing, I get a constant stream of emails asking if I would consider helping them (or their friend/spouse/child/relative/coworker) get published.  Because of my busy schedule,  I wrote an earlier post that was meant to give people who write non-fiction books ideas on how to move forward (HERE), and I generally let people who contact me about fiction or children’s books know that I don’t have experience in those areas.  Recently I came across author Ken Follett‘s website, and on it he has a section called “Masterclass” which gives generously extensive advice on writing a novel.  (Check out his website HERE).  At the end of the Masterclass, he has some ideas about getting published which I thought were excellent — read those HERE.  I’ve never met Mr. Follett, but have enjoyed many of his books over the years — and I was heartened to see a bestselling author take the time to give solid and practical advice for writers.  Enjoy!


To Self-Publish or Not Self-Publish…

Are you thinking of self-publishing a book?  If so, check out this interesting article on self-publishing on — read it HERE.  Promoting your self-published book is vital.  I’ve seen a number of people self-publish their book expecting it to magically sell on its own, and get frustrated or angry when it doesn’t.  If you self-publish a book, keep in mind that you are responsible for getting it “out there” for people to find and read.

Are You Ready to Live Your Great Life?

I’ve collected some of the quotes and idea that have had a profound impact on my life, and put them into this small book, called GREAT IDEAS FOR A GREAT LIFE.  This is a collection of 101 quotes and ideas — a few from myself and many from those whom I consider mentors (such as Napoleon Hill, Raymond Charles Barker, Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovel Shinn, and many others).  The ideas in this little book have inspired me, motivated me, and even challenged me to move beyond my boundaries and into my greater life.  These ideas can inspire you to live your greatness as well.  You can order the book from Amazon HERE.

Now in Paperback!

The very first book that my creative partner, August Gold, and I published, THE PRAYER CHEST, is coming out in a new, gorgeous paperback edition, thanks to the good people at New World Library.  This book was literally the answer to a prayer of ours, and… 

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Some Advice and Ideas on Getting Published

Many people ask for advice in publishing their book(s), and often want me — or anyone they can find in publishing — to read through their work and offer advice, all of which takes valuable time.  With the many responsibilities that those of us in publishing have, this, regrettably, is not usually possible.  So, with this in mind, I’ve written a short article of publishing advice and ideas for self-help, non-fiction books on the topic of building a platform and finding an agent, and some thoughts about self-publishing and e-publishing.  (I don’t have experience with fiction, poetry, or children’s book publishing).  Even though this blog is dedicated to the spiritual and prosperity principles I teach, I thought I’d share the article here to help those who are thinking of writing a book.      Continue reading