Think & Grow Rich — NEW e-books!

Exciting news — my two new e-books on “Think & Grow Rich” have just been published (and they are each only $3.99!). 

Creating Your Think and Grow Rich Master Mind” gives practical and easy-to-follow instructions on creating either (or both) a Master Mind group, or a Master Mind partnership.  If you have wanted to form a Master Mind but didn’t know how, or if you want to go deeper with your current Master Mind, this e-book can help. 

Maximizing Your Think and Grow Rich Experience” is like a Think and Grow Rich workshop, to help you not only just read the words, but experience the philosophy — so it can work in your life!  This e-book gives clear instructions on making Think and Grow Rich a 90-day journey. 

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Reading For Success

Many times people ask me where they should start, in their search for more success in their life.  I often point them to a book, since books have impacted my life greatly.  Which book?  There are many, but here are three books that have had a big influence in my life and are great places for people to being their own journey: 

Think and Grow Rich — Napoleon Hill

The Power of Decision — Raymond Charles Barker

The Science of Being Great — Wallace Wattles

Which books would you recommend?