The Power of Prosperity online course

Are you ready to develop the spiritual mindset for more prosperity and abundance?

Click HERE for more information on the Power of Prosperity online course, offered through the Spiritual Living Institute.  The 4-week class starts May 4th, and I’ve revised and added some new material for this new Spring offering!

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Spring 2012 Talks & Workshops

Come and see me! Please contact me for speaking inquiries.

Sunday, May 27th – WEST ORANGE, NJ
Sunday Service Talk – 11:00 a.m.
Workshop – 12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey

Saturday, June 9th – KANSAS CITY, MO
Prosperity Workshop (time tk)
Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City

Sunday, June 10th – KANSAS CITY, MO
Sunday Service Talk
Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City

Sunday, June 17th – WEST ORANGE, NJ
Workshop – 12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey

Sunday, June 24th – MORRISTOWN, NJ
Sunday Service Talk – 11:00 a.m.
Workshop “Think & Grow Rich” – 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Think & Grow Rich Tele-Lecture Series 2012

Now is the perfect time to start a new 14-week series for 2012! I’m offering this at a special price – only $75 (normally $99) when you also buy the required books.

    The Think & Grow Rich Tele-Lecture Series is a self-study program designed to help you:

  • Create a Goal
  • Take Action
  • Be Consistent
  • Study at Your Own Pace
  • Gain Momentum
  • Build Confidence
  • and so much more!
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See You In Seattle

I’ll be at the wonderful Center for Spiritual Living Seattle this Sunday — January 15th — speaking at both services and doing a workshop after.  The Sunday service title is called “Beyond Status Quo” and the workshop is LEAP2012: Taking A Radical Leap Into Your Good.  It’s time to move out of financial fear and into financial freedom at last

For more information, click HERE.

4 (Easy) Ways to Becoming More Productive

Being more productive creates a life that is more successful.  Successful people are good producers. 

People who take my success-training classes tell me that the number one reason that stops them from being more productive is procrastination.  The decision to procrastinate (and it is a decision) allows you to avoid doing the thing(s) that in the short term you don’t want to do, but in the long term will make your life easier, happier, smoother, calmer, and more. 

However, the uncomfortable truth is that when we procrastinate, we usually are creating more work and more strain for ourselves down the road. 

So how do we learn to become more productive, and procrastinate less? 

The answer is surprisingly simple – we need to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.  How?  We train ourselves to act in different ways.  Simple, right?  But not always easy!  Even though these are simple ideas, they can have a profound impact in the effectiveness of each day. 

START HERE: Below are four easy-to-begin ways that you can get an increase of productivity in your life starting today.  Try one or more of these (after the jump):

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Are You Ready to Prosper…?

Fall is in the air!  And with the Fall comes new classes, and new opportunities to align our thinking and actions with our dreams and purpose.  Continue reading for three classes designed to help you experience the “more” that Life has to offer…

Be Prosperous in 2011 workshop

I’ll be doing the Sunday talk at Sacred Center New York on January 2, 2011, and then leading a powerful workshop called “Be Prosperous in 2011” immediately after. This workshop is designed to get clarity about the specific goals you might have for 2011, and then create a road-map to make those goals a reality. You can find out more about the workshop (location, time, cost) HERE. Hope to see you there!