Do You Feel Stuck Where You Are?

For years I’ve used what I call the Life Purpose Questionnaire to help people discover next steps toward their passion.  Simple, effective, and to the point — these are questions I’ve collected and taught from that have helped many people, and are a great tool to dig deeper and learn more about what you want in life (and what Life wants from you).

Inner Self

I included my version of the Life Purpose Questionnaire in my book My Life Contract, but if you want to take the Questionnaire now, click HERE to find the questions on



Learning How to Be Here Now

labyrinthA few years ago, I had an experience where I learned the power of being in the present moment — via a labyrinth in the Midwest.

It’s a lesson I never forgot, and I’m very grateful that Wisdom Magazine posted my article about this experience, called “Learning How to Be Here Now.”  You can read it HERE.


And be sure to check out Wisdom Magazine by clicking on their image below:

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(Note: They list it on their website as an excerpt from my latest book My Life Contract — it’s not an excerpt, but rather a stand-alone article.  For more information about My Life Contract, click HERE).

Article on Prayer

(this is the correct link with the full article — the earlier link was missing a page)

Are all prayers answered?

Read this article August Gold and I wrote to discover what you most need to know about prayer!

READ ARTICLE HERE: Law+of+Attraction+Article

From “Law of Attraction” magazine.

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Are all prayers answered?

Do you wonder why some prayers seem to get answered, and some don’t? 

Check out this article August Gold and I wrote for Law of Attraction magazine that deals with Unanswered Prayers:

Click here for article: LawOfAttraction+Article



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When you don’t know what to do, do what’s in front of you

Do ever feel stuck or unsure what to do next? 

I’ve found that when I’m not sure what to do next in life or when I am feeling “stuck,” the most helpful thing for me to do is to do what is in front of me.  (This works on two levels — the short-term items and projects that I need to do, and also the long-term goals I have for my life.) 

Here are the 3 steps I take for the short-term items to get un-stuckContinue reading

Moving out of When/Then and into Here/Now

Sometimes we procrastinate our dreams.  It’s easy to live in the land of “When/Then” – you know, that place where we say things like “when I have more money, then I’ll pursue my dream” or “when I find more time, then I’ll start writing my book.”  Sounds reasonable, but the problem is… Continue reading

Today can be another day of delay, or it can be your Breakthrough

Here’s something that I’ve noticed both in myself and in others who come to classes or workshops.  We say we want our dream to come true, or to reach some goal.  And then… we get side-tracked.  Sometimes those ways we get side-tracked are actually Delay Tactics.  What are Delay Tactics?  They are actions and beliefs, usually subconscious, that are designed to keep us firmly planted exactly where we are, in comfortable smallness.  We use them instead of risking ourselves to go to our next level, whatever or wherever that might be. 

Here are 5 Delay Tactics that I’ve seen myself and others use… Continue reading

Just Because You Are Good At Something Doesn’t Mean You Should Do It

Are you living your passion?

Traveling around the country, talking to people about their passion and purpose, I often hear people say about their job, “well, I don’t love to do it, but I’m good at it, so maybe I should just keep doing it.”

That might sound reasonable, but in reality it’s a way that we use to stay comfortable, to avoid risk, to not take any chances.  But what if the reverse was also true?  What if just because you are good at something, it doesn’t mean you should do it?  And more importantly, to borrow a line from my brilliant friend Tama Kieves, what if you realized that since you are good at something you don’t love, you might just very well be great at something you do love?

And even more… Continue reading

Here & Now

Over the years, I’ve found that the two hardest places for me to be are 1) here,and 2) now.  And in over 20 years of teaching, I’ve noticed this is true for many others as well. It sounds like a nice spiritual concept, but I’ve discovered that living in the Here & Now is vital to our living an authentic, meangingful life.  What does it mean to live in the Here & Now? 

Well, first…

Continue reading

To Self-Publish or Not Self-Publish…

Are you thinking of self-publishing a book?  If so, check out this interesting article on self-publishing on — read it HERE.  Promoting your self-published book is vital.  I’ve seen a number of people self-publish their book expecting it to magically sell on its own, and get frustrated or angry when it doesn’t.  If you self-publish a book, keep in mind that you are responsible for getting it “out there” for people to find and read.