Books I’m Reading

I’ve read several exciting and inspirational books recently, that I wanted to share with you.

DELIVERING HAPPINESS by Tony Hsieh — The CEO of gives an excellent and galvanizing history of the amazing company Zappos, and how they grew by not doing “business as usual.”  I was motivated and inspired as I read this book, and made pages of notes that will create forward momentum in my life and in my business for many months to come.  Tony Hsieh is a hero to me!  Highly recommended.  Order HERE.

THE IDEAL MADE REAL by Christian D. Larson — This is my study book for all of 2011, and the powerful message it contains has rocked my world this entire year.  Every page of this book is necessary and important, and I’ve now recommended this book to countless people who have responded to me their enthusiasm as well.  A must-read.  Order HERE.

What books are inspiring you?

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