Beyond Debt

“I can see clearly now the debt is gone…”

Debt can be debilitating.  Most people with serious personal debt can relate to that.  Earlier in my life I had created a huge personal debt – which nearly completely crippled me financially, emotionally, and spiritually.  I felt tremendous despair and depression, and spent a lot of time and energy trying to keep my finances (and my life) afloat.  I remember thinking that I had a “life or debt” situation!  One fateful night, everything changed for me, and I started a series of beliefs, ideas, and actions that took me from tens of thousands of dollars in personal debt to financial freedom.

The “money experts” weren’t much help to me.  Their advice was either unrealistic, confusing, or both.  I felt completely alone.  I’m not a financial advisor, accountant, or CPA – I’m simply an everyday person who got caught up in a huge financial hole, and had to find a way out of it, and now offer that path to others.  Eventually I began teaching the principles that I used to become debt-free, and was thrilled to discover that those same principles that I used were now helping first dozens, and then hundreds of people.  That began a series of classes and workshops on helping others become debt-free, using what I now call the Beyond Debt Program.

The entire Beyond Debt Program is included in the The Beyond Debt Workbook, including the story of how I went from massive debt to financial freedom.  The workbook also includes the twelve principles of the Beyond Debt Program, resources, exercises, tips, affirmations, and even a Vow of Prosperity.  These common-sense and practical ideas are put together in one friendly and instructive workbook, which will make it easy to grasp and apply immediately.  You can follow me on Twitter at @beingrich.  Also please check out my new Facebook page devoted to those on the Beyond Debt path (Facebook Account & Login required), and we can all support each other.

The Beyond Debt Workbook - THE COMPLETE BEYOND DEBT PROGRAM: 2012 EDITION - A Simple Path to Experience Financial Freedom Now - by Joel Fotinos - author of Think and Grow Rich Every Day

Joel Fotinos popular program, Beyond Debt, has helped hundreds of people become free of personal debt. Please Contact Joel to sign up for a workshop.