The Power of Prosperity online course

Are you ready to develop the spiritual mindset for more prosperity and abundance?

Click HERE for more information on the Power of Prosperity online course, offered through the Spiritual Living Institute.  The 4-week class starts May 4th, and I’ve revised and added some new material for this new Spring offering!

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Do You Feel Stuck Where You Are?

For years I’ve used what I call the Life Purpose Questionnaire to help people discover next steps toward their passion.  Simple, effective, and to the point — these are questions I’ve collected and taught from that have helped many people, and are a great tool to dig deeper and learn more about what you want in life (and what Life wants from you).

Inner Self

I included my version of the Life Purpose Questionnaire in my book My Life Contract, but if you want to take the Questionnaire now, click HERE to find the questions on



Learning How to Be Here Now

labyrinthA few years ago, I had an experience where I learned the power of being in the present moment — via a labyrinth in the Midwest.

It’s a lesson I never forgot, and I’m very grateful that Wisdom Magazine posted my article about this experience, called “Learning How to Be Here Now.”  You can read it HERE.


And be sure to check out Wisdom Magazine by clicking on their image below:

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(Note: They list it on their website as an excerpt from my latest book My Life Contract — it’s not an excerpt, but rather a stand-alone article.  For more information about My Life Contract, click HERE).

Temple of Health & Prosperity

One of the most exciting interviews I experienced in my recent promotion for My Life Contract was with Dr. Susan Kolb, who hosts a radio show called Temple of Health.  She’s doing amazing work in the world, and this was an interesting and inspiring conversation.  You can listen HERE.  When you go to the interview page, browse around so you can see the cutting-edge work that Dr. Kolb is doing!


Strategies for Living

How do we keep moving forward, especially when life seems hard?
How can we create positive momentum?

If you need some quick inspiration, listen to this interview I did on the Strategies for Living radio show, with the terrific host David McMillan.

Click HERE to listen.


Living a Creative Life Now

Author2AuthorWhat does it take to live a more creative life? 

How do we move from where we are to where we want to be? 

And how can we begin to experience more “life” in our every day experience? 

Radio host Bill Kenower and I discussed these very things recently in his show Author2Author, and it was truly an enjoyable and inspirational conversation!  If you are ready to write that book, or start that new business, or go for your dream, then this interview will help to motivate you.

Listen to Author2Author interview HERE

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Your Intentional Spirit

TheIntentionalSpiritCreativity, spirituality, intention, and the grand adventure of Life — these are all the topics that wonderful radio host (and author/teacher/speaker) Temple Hayes and I discussed recently on her show, The Intentional Spirit.  Temple and I had a great time discussing how Life moves you forward once you take that first step.  If you are ready for a richer experience of Life in all forms, this interview can inspire you.

Listen to The Intentional Spirit interview HERE.

Find more about Temple Hayes HERE

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Making Life Clear & Simple

MLC coverAt least, making life clearer and more simple than it sometimes seems to be!

If life feels in any way difficult or confusing, listen to this interview I recently did with Scott Cluthe on the Positively Incorrect radio show.

In addition to discussing how to move forward in life, we also covered the idea from my book, My Life Contract, that “energy follows action.”  This means that rather than wait for a condition in your life to change before taking action, you take action and create new conditions in your life.  Taking positive action makes life an exciting adventure!

Listen to the interview on Positively Incorrect HERE.

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Feeling stuck? Here’s a great tip.

roadsignIf you are feeling stuck, or unsure of what to do next, listen to this recent interview I did with Robert Sharpe.

In the interview, I talk about the three steps to going from feeling stuck to creating momentum.

Listen to the interview HERE.