5 Minutes…on Creative Partnerships

CREATIVE PARTNERSHIPS — A Conversation with Joel Fotinos & August Gold

August Gold and I have been Prayer Partners, Master Mind Partners, and Creative Partners for over a dozen years.  Our partnership has birthed several successful books, a spiritual community, and countless other creative projects.  We frequently get asked about our partnership, and what makes it successful.  Recently, I sat down with August and we had a short conversation about why our partnership works, and how others can find a creative partner as well.

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Think & Grow Rich Thursdays

“You will never have a definite purpose in life, you will never have self-confidence, you will never have initiative and leadership unless you first create these qualities in your imagination and see yourself in possession of them.

Just as the oak tree develops from the germ that lies in the acorn, and the bird develops from the germ that lies asleep in the egg, so will your material achievements grow out of the organized plans that you create in your imagination.  First comes the thought, then organization of that thought into ideas and plans, then transformation of those plans into reality.  The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”

— Napoleon Hill

(taken from Think and Grow Rich Every DayHERE)

Here & Now

Over the years, I’ve found that the two hardest places for me to be are 1) here,and 2) now.  And in over 20 years of teaching, I’ve noticed this is true for many others as well. It sounds like a nice spiritual concept, but I’ve discovered that living in the Here & Now is vital to our living an authentic, meangingful life.  What does it mean to live in the Here & Now? 

Well, first…

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