Asking for Help

One of the biggest struggles in our journey to success — something many of us can relate to — is the idea that in order for something to be done well, we have to do it by ourselves.  The thinking goes something like this: we wish we could get quality help for our project or our business, but we know that we could do what needs to be done faster, better, and exactly how we envision it to be done, so we might as well do it ourselves.  And then when we do, we wonder why we don’t have more help.  It’s a self-feeding cycle, and one that prevents us from going to the next level.

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Finding Inspiration

We all need to feel inspired — in our inner life, and in our outer life.  Inspiration can feed our soul, and can elevate our experience in our job, our relationships, our family, our health, even our creativity. 

But sometimes inspiration can be hard to find.  When that happens, it can feel like walking through a desert — dry, arid, uncomfortable.  We want the inspiration, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere we can see.

Where can we find inspiration?  How can we get inspired again?

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4 (Easy) Ways to Becoming More Productive

Being more productive creates a life that is more successful.  Successful people are good producers. 

People who take my success-training classes tell me that the number one reason that stops them from being more productive is procrastination.  The decision to procrastinate (and it is a decision) allows you to avoid doing the thing(s) that in the short term you don’t want to do, but in the long term will make your life easier, happier, smoother, calmer, and more. 

However, the uncomfortable truth is that when we procrastinate, we usually are creating more work and more strain for ourselves down the road. 

So how do we learn to become more productive, and procrastinate less? 

The answer is surprisingly simple – we need to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.  How?  We train ourselves to act in different ways.  Simple, right?  But not always easy!  Even though these are simple ideas, they can have a profound impact in the effectiveness of each day. 

START HERE: Below are four easy-to-begin ways that you can get an increase of productivity in your life starting today.  Try one or more of these (after the jump):

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Now in Paperback!

The very first book that my creative partner, August Gold, and I published, THE PRAYER CHEST, is coming out in a new, gorgeous paperback edition, thanks to the good people at New World Library.  This book was literally the answer to a prayer of ours, and… 

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