Hello, and thank you for checking out my site.  This is my old site, and hasn’t been updated much in many years — I will update it at some point, to more accurately reflect where I’m at now in life and what I’m working on these days.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that my main focus these days is to publish books that I believe are essential to the world at this time (and in the future). You can find out a little more about those books in my bio HERE.

In my spare time, I also do some talks and teach a few classes, these days mostly facilitating groups using the Artist’s Way books and principles.

Beginning September 9th, 2023, I’ll be starting up a new group called “Artist’s Way for Early Birds” — 8:00am on Saturday mornings, each week for one hour.  It’s on Zoom, and we always have a wonderful group of people who join in.  If you’ve wanted to do the Artist’s Way (or want to again), come be part of our group!  I record each of the Zoom sessions, so if you miss any, you can always keep up each week.  More information on that is HERE.

Later in the year I’ll start a second group, based on Julia Cameron’s next book, Living the Artist’s Way, and then in January we’ll do a new group for writers using her brilliant book Write for Life.  Also at some point soon I’ll do more “Self-Publishing 101” workshops.  I’ll try to post more about those here.

A video course I did with Glidewing on Think and Grow Rich is offered two or three times a year.  You can find that course (and their many other great courses) HERE.

If you have questions about any of those courses, please use the links and you can find more information.

Thanks again for your interest, and  hope to see you in one of our groups soon.